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I accidentally deleted qzizi. I made a new blog. Please love me again.


Hi guys, Elly here. As you may or may not have noticed, I was giving away most of my hoarded URLs earlier today. This was because I wanted to come back to Tumblr and start posting content again after my long-ish hiatus due to my internship. But I wanted to do some cleaning up first before I restarted; so, in the process of releasing/deleting my old blogs and URLs (I’m not sure if it’s Tumblr that glitched, or it was me that glitched), I accidentally deleted my main blog, which was qzizi.

That blog was really, really precious to me and I did a lot of begging to Tumblr support in an effort to even get it back. I spent a solid 2.5 years building that blog from scratch, creating and posting GIFs and edits, and now it’s all gone. To be honest, this all happened while I was at work and when I realized it, the only thing really stopping me from crying on the spot was the fact that my bosses were there. At one point, they were even trying to figure out how they can help me get my blog back.

I’m still pretty upset about it, as it is a pretty big loss; but I’m thriving on positivity right now to basically just think to myself that: a fresh start is good and that eventually, I can create a new blog and fill it new content.

I’m still interested in looking for and compiling my old posts, though. So if you guys do find my old posts, feel free to send me a message or a tweet so I can reblog and put them in a tag like how I used to have them on my old blog.

I hope that you guys will be able to follow me again on this new blog and that in the process of me starting over, I can meet new friends and learn more things. If you end up following me, I really do thank you and I hope that you can accept this blog the way qzizi was before I idiotically deleted it.

Also, I’m looking for new INFINITE blogs to follow! So please do send me a message if you guys have any recommendations. Also, only if you guys want, I hope that you can help me spread the word about my new blog by reblogging this post. It would really mean a lot to me.

Thanks a lot, everyone! Hope you have a great weekend ahead while I try to get over my stupid mistake.

6 selca tag~

tagged by: namstar \o/
tagging: most of my friends have already been tagged so i won’t tag them again :3

so yea uhm.. 6 selcas LOL i had to go digging for these but i somehow managed to find 6 despite not being a huge selca taker =w=;;
under the cut because face LOL OTL

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we’ll be waiting (¬‿¬)

last romeo

140526 MBC Idol Futsal Championship
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nam woohyun =_=

2014 sunggyu after seeing 2010 infinite…